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spring coloured garden

Hm? Is there a visitor? You must be here to see the cherry blossoms, then. They really are beautiful. I take care of the garden as best I can so it looks nice like this. There are lots of other flowers here, if you're curious.

If you're an intruder, of course, wishing harm to my mistress Yuyuko Saigyouji, I can easily cut you down.

Who am I? Youmu Konpaku. It's a pleasure to meet you.

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In a relationship with Momiji Inubashiri [divinewhitewolfyoukai] and Koumajou Densetsu!Sakuya Izayoi [endlessservant]; both AUs.


"Understood.I’ll be sure to let you know right away. May be some time before I think of a set of books to read. I may not be injured for that long, but at least I can catch up with the books in due time."The injured maid was kinda glad she was in this position for once, she knew the one who took her place at the Scarlet Devil mansion needed a lot of training. Remilia ran a strict mansion, and would want the finest in maid quality to work for her, and to be able to do anything that she asked. Sure Remilia didn’t order much, or asked for things to be taken to another place, but this would be good communication training for the young fairy maid. Maybe even Sakuya herself and Youmu can give a few pointers when she comes with the books, if she makes it at least.

For this then, the injured maid tried to think of a series of books that would require the young fairy maid to carry a good few books, not a junk load of them, but enough for her to get some experience with heavy lifting packages to another place.”Hmm.. Maybe I can have more than one set.. At least get me a few books on swords, not that I don’t trust you have a lot of knowledge on them already, but at least get me back up to speed once I’m healed. As well as maybe a medical book focusing on my leg of course, I want to be sure that I’m fully ready once I’m back on my feet.”

The maid of course knew once her recover time was done, she would have to at east get back into working bit by bit. As well as getting back into sword training with the half phantom.”To be honest, I’m not really keen in getting into a series, I cannot just think of one right now. If you have one in mind, I wouldn’t mind reading them at all.”The maid of course was more focused on getting back into work and sword training of course. Even if it meant going through the long recovery process and to be sure that she doesn’t injury her leg further.

The half ghost listened carefully as Sakuya described the type of books she wanted to read, nodding at each interval and jotting the genre down in a mental list. She wanted some books on swords so that she could theoretically learn the technique and get used to it before Youmu taught it to her hands-on. That would ensure the little she’d learned today wouldn’t run dry or be forgotten by the time Sakuya felt better. The maid also wanted some medical books to help her learn to treat her leg, and Youmu mentally noted to get some general home-remedy treatment books so that they could use it for reference if either of them got seriously hurt in the future. But while Sakuya’s choices were practical, they didn’t tell Youmu the kind of reader Sakuya was.

Youmu was about to prompt Sakuya as to why there wasn’t anything she wanted to read personally when the gardener’s question was answered. “Oh….I see.” Of course. If Youmu didn’t have much time to read how could she expect Sakuya to? Sakuya basically carried the work of the whole Scarlet Devil Mansion in her hands, and Youmu bet that Sakuya probably could read one book in one month if she was lucky. Stupid of her to think so.

"Since I don’t read too much myself, I wouldn’t know what to recommend. But how about some adventure or fantasy books? Stories about other people’s lives and adventures." They were always interesting, a much better alternative to those odd romance novels that, sadly, were oft the only ones Yukari might bring on visits to Hakugyokurou. They were not so much ‘enchanting’ as awkward for Youmu, unversed in affairs, to read. And thus she favored the tales of people who went on fantastic journeys and magical battles, even if, at times, finishing one would make her feel a bit lonely, the slightest bit left out…


"Reading?"It would be something simple for the injured maid to do, and easy too with the easy access to the library within the mansion, as with the maid being on good terms with her former mistress, she has access to. So if the maid had taken up reading, she would be able to get books instantly, The maid hadn’t really took any interest in many books, but she is eager to look at others. She has read a few books during her time at the mansion, but nothing really anything that too deep due to the constant working hours that the maid had to do at the mansion. But with her current injuries, she has all the time in the world to read a book or two, even long after she is healed, with a lighter work schedule, she can continue reading afterwards.

"Well, I’ve read a few books during my time, but I wouldn’t mind getting a few books, or at least asking the new maid in training to deliver me a few books so that I can read them. Wouldn’t mind what type of book, but I suppose I should get into a series or something. That way it can keep me occupied while my injuries heal up."The maid of course we need someone to get them of course, with the way she is, she wouldn’t want to worry the half phantom any more with wanting to walk, even if it is to get a few books to read.

"Of course I cannot get them, with my current condition, I cannot go outside much, and I wouldn’t want you to go all the way there again for a extra trip to get a few books for me. The new maid will be alright, it’ll do her good to head out and get some delivery experience in her for when Remilia requests something to be picked up or to be taken else where. As well as being a confidence boost for the little fairy maid as well."

The half phantom nodded, glad the other agreed. “Yes, reading. It should be a good pastime for you, since I’m sure that your ties to the Scarlet Devil Mansion will let you borrow some books from the library Voile.” Sakuya got along pretty well with Patchouli and Koakuma from what Youmu figured, and she was sure both of them would be fine with Sakuya borrowing books regularly, maybe even give her some recommendations. And it would be another way for Sakuya to keep in contact with the residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion so that their relationships wouldn’t be totally severed by Sakuya’s admittance to Hakugyokurou.

Oh, yeah. In the light of the new idea, Youmu had almost forgotten that Sakuya’s leg was just about broken and so the maid wouldn’t be able to carry herself or fly to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to pick up the books. And it would be far too much trouble to ask Patchouli, the anemic, or Koakuma, only Patchouli’s assistant, to carry the books to them. Sakuya had mentioned a new maid, assuming that meant the head maid, had Remilia already elected someone else to be her primary servant now that Sakuya had left?

Youmu might want to see who was taking Sakuya’s place, though if the new maid was going to deliver the books here, then she would get to see the new maid anyway. Instead of sending out a letter, however, Youmu would likely have to initiate the cause and travel to the Scarlet Devil Mansion herself to inform them of what had happened. What if they were going to think she was treating Sakuya poorly at her new workplace…? No, she was sure they wouldn’t be so sly, and just nodded again in understanding at Sakuya’s words. “Alright then. So you tell me the kind of books you want, and I’ll probably go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion and tell them about it, so that the new head maid can deliver books to us?”

A Crow in the Hand?


The tengu heard the half ghost making an announcement. She was announcing to call off the battle and declare it as a draw. Her little Pokemon return to her, the same expression as usual, happy and joyful. She watch the two happily looking at each other, Youmu giving her little Spheal a pat, a rub on the fur. It was like the bonding between humans and Pokemon.

But Aya was a youkai and also technically Youmu. But she was only half. Even if hybrid, full, they were friends and allied with their Pokemon companion. The Wicked Pokemon turn and head back to the tengu, the Shiftry’s owner. It keep it’s same expression. But behind that facial expression was that it enjoyed the battle they both had together. Again, it was a bond between Pokemon and human/youkai.

Well glad that was over with a happy ending, in a way. But the tengu was still happy that she was able to satisfy the half ghost. Here and there she was worried about much much things. She cared for people she was close to. She was close to the half ghost since she visit Hakugyokurou for her own benefit. But it was because she wanted to bond with the half ghost and become close friends with her.

But now that the battle was over, the crow took out her Pokeball. It was the Pokeball that contain Shiftry in. They probably had enough looking at the mean look Shiftry put on usually. So the crow beam the Pokeball at Shiftry and return her Pokemon back into the ball. Home sweet home is where Shiftry went. But it’s home was usually around the tengu or in the wild. She wasn’t sure if Shiftry was happy to even be with Aya.

Now what they’re going to do next? Youmu ask the tengu what they should do. The tengu took out her notebook. While she was in the outside world, this region, she ask people here and there for information. Maybe Youmu would like to hear some information from her. It’s a good thing Aya was about. Knowledge was power they say. So the more they both know the better they become.


"Well let’s see here… If we’re going to begin our journey, we should stop at different places they called gym and challenge people who they call gym leaders to a Pokemon battle. You earn badges as a symbol of victory for specific gyms. They are also pass for you to get into a higher challenge, a Pokemon League is what they call it. I’m no Pokemon Breeder or expert, but I got my sources. Of course you’ll become like other trainers since your journey only begun. But I’m not going to bother competing in gym battles. It’s because I’m a photographer. But I can be your practice partner anytime you want a match. But what you should do is train Mizu to be stronger and maybe evolve her. Not only that but you need to form a team. You can probably win with only Mizu. But it’s better if you catch more Pokemon for the team. I’ll do the same when I find an interest in certain Pokemon. That’s when I’ll decide I want to capture."

So the plan was to go around battling other trainers to get stronger or just maybe Aya. But with different trainers give Youmu different experiences. If Aya feel like it, she’ll participate and battle others, maybe even in a double team with the half ghost as her partner. But for now Youmu should train Mizu and capture more Pokemon for her party. But it was all up to her to decide what she want to do.


"So, what do you think? Would you like to be like other trainers and head for the big league? It’ll be a challenge and many adventure would await you. As for me, I’ll just be your partner in crime. Heh heh, I’m just kidding. I’ll just stick around for the enjoyment of it."

Ahead is Rustboro, the first gym Youmu would have to go up against. That is, if she decide to become an average trainer. But right now they’re still in Petalburg Woods. They should get out of here. The gym await the both of them. But the tengu still stand there, waiting for what the half ghost decide to do. Her journey only begun, yes. But did she have a destination where she want to get to?


"Well if you decide to be an average trainer, the first gym is right over there in Rustboro. It should be this way. I’m ready to move out whenever you are, Youmu."


With the battle officially over, Aya had returned her Shiftry to its Pokeball. Youmu might have chosen to do the same, though she felt that she might get to know her Spheal better if she let it out; though she knew little of the actual mechanisms inside the Pokeballs and was sure it was comfortable inside, she was even more sure that the fresh air and trees and grass outside was superior to being cooped up inside a small ball. So she kept her Pokeballs at her side, and let Mizu stay out. The Spheal made no attempt to tell Youmu it wanted to go back inside, and that was fine the way it was.

Though her Pokemon must be tired. Even though Aya went easy on her and Shiftry had merely dealt the lightest of blows, Mizu was still scratched up and tired. The half phantom knelt down again to pick up the seal Pokemon and hold it in her arms. Mizu was heavier than she expected, but still carryable. The Pokemon took little note of its weight, but rested comfortably in her arms, idling away as it awaited the two’s next plan.


Youmu listened with apprehension at Aya’s explanation, nodding every so often to signal that she was following. She hadn’t planned on doing much on her ‘journey’, and knew of the Gym Leaders and that beating them and the Elite Four was a normal trainer’s goal. However she herself didn’t really pay it heed; she wasn’t a super battle enthusiast, nor a Pokemon breeder type. Perhaps she would classify herself as a more of a casual trainer, in it to discover Hoenn and the Pokemon there. To find out about her own Pokemon, and herself…that was the kind of thing she had in her mind as the devil professor had set her off with Spheal.

Aya said she was a photographer and was only going to stand aside while Youmu was doing whatever she wished. That made it up to Youmu to choose what they were going to do. She turned to look at the surrounding area; they were in Petalburg Woords. Woodland as it was, it still had an urban feel to it with some semi-paved roads among all the tall grass and thick foliage, and not too far off she actually could see more light, assuming it was an exit. According to Aya’s directions, Rustboro City was not too far off.

If they went there, she could guess the main attraction would be the gym there. So if Youmu wanted to become the typical trainer who wanted to conquer the leage of trainers, that’s where she would go. Yet, somehow, solely traveling for the sake of battling more than anything else didn’t seem to appeal to her. For one such as Youmu who was all about swordplay and combat, it was a bit odd. Still, somehow she didn’t feel so much interest in it.


 ”Actually…I don’t think I’m too interested in battling every Gym Leader and then challenging the Elite Four like everyone else.” Aya would go along with her no matter what Youmu chose, but she still wanted to hear the tengu’s opinion on her choice.

"I guess it’s like I just want to try out being a Pokemon trainer for the journey. Maybe challenging the league would be like a side attempt, but I feel like I’m more in it to find out more about Pokemon." Her previously serious face turned a bit softer as she spoke.

"For now I just want to try it out. Meeting Pokemon and trainers and raising Pokemon and journeying. There’s so much that I don’t know about Pokemon or the Hoenn region and maybe it’s like…Maybe I feel like it’s a waste to only be in it for the battles?" She paused, trying to see if Aya understood.

One could tell Youmu had changed since way back then; she was maturer now, and not so childlike. Truthfully, she still had the naivete from her childhood years, though it might be waning away…though perhaps it was only her curiosity that was wanting her to step aside from the main story and choose the sidequest, to put it in one way.

"So I guess…I’m just not ready to do only battling yet. I want to explore the area around here and train my Pokemon, and maybe I don’t have to have a certain goal. I just want to try things out as they are now, and see if I like it, and then maybe I’ll think about what I want to do in the future."

((What does your muse(a) talk about when they go grocery shopping?))


(( Youmu talks about very shopping-like things. Is the apple better in this stall in that stall, which peddler is cheaper or more quality or organic, what she ought to buy for the dinner, which vegetables would go well with the meat she buys, et cetera. A typical grocery shopper frequent. ))


"…" Mio wasn’t sure how to respond, the way she said was just so ‘maybe, maybe not’ that she didn’t know either, but that she was trying to be mysterious for the hell of it. It didn’t bother her, it was just strange. "Are they visiting on some sort of official business or are they just friends being friends and hanging out?" Well yes and no, but she didn’t know that. 

Never mind that for the time being, embarrassingly Mio’s stomach begin to audibly growl, suffice it to say she’d been napping under that tree longer than she thought. Pink-faced she turned to Youmu and asked, “I don’t suppose I could trouble you for something to eat? I’m kind of hungry… Is that normal for dead people?” She would never have thought that ghosts need sustenance too.


"Both. It depends. Being Lady Yuyuko’s good friend, Lady Yukari oftentimes comes over for a visit, whether it be official business or just a friendly one. Honestly, I don’t talk to her too much…" She paused, attempting to recall the few times she’d conversed with the gap-witch. "She’s sort of intimidating, because she’s so much older and knowledgeable than me, that not only do I spend more time speaking to Lady Ran and Chen, but Lady Yukari spends more time speaking to Lady Yuyuko as well. I guess she seems me more as a…" Doll didn’t seem the right word, nor plaything, with all its odd connotations. It wasn’t that Yukari saw Youmu as inferior, she just…saw her differently, was what Youmu thought. "As she might to Chen. A child?" As vague an answer could be.

Before Mio could respond, Youmu could hear an embarrassing growl coming from the other. She nodded, yes ghosts get hungry, because being a ghost is basically being a human except you’re dead. Did Mio ever consider that? “Well, from my knowledge, I don’t think ghosts need food to live. However, I’d imagine you would still want to eat food. For one, Lady Yuyuko eats more than a regular human would.” The half ghost stood up, starting to trot in the directino of the storage room. “I probably have some bread or buns in one of the food storages, if that would suffice…?”

"Hey there Youmu-myon. What have you been up to?"



"Oh, Aya!" The tengu hadn’t visited in a while, and when Aya wasn’t being all reporter-like, she was a pretty nice person overall.


"I’m doing well, and business always goes as usual." There are no fun parties or random disasters here. Only the same routine every day. This, however, is not necessarily a bad thing. As they say, no news is good news. "How about you? Is your reporting going well?"


"Oh yes. I have been pretty good as well. And like usual, my reporting has been the same kind of business. Some times awesome, and sometimes it’s not. I felt like seeing you to see what you are up to. I didn’t bring my camera, so you can’t be all worried of me trying to take pictures. Heehee."

"How did you know…?" There was probably no point in asking; reporters had that strange know-all mind, and it was most likely the sort of uncomfortable look on her face at first that showed she was (more than) slightly worried about being taken pictures of. "A-Anyway, like I’ve told you before, life doesn’t change much in Hakugyokurou. You shouldn’t expect too much."

I knew a halfspiritgardener once


"You are correct to think so!  I am indeed a youkai, a daitengu to be exact." For a daitengu, he didn’t seem very stuck-up, but he did have an air that suggested he wasn’t someone to mess with either, "Back in my youth, they called me the Oni-Tengu, the rowdiest and most dangerous terror of the mountain trails."  He laughed at the statement, as if it were a sort of joke.

"It took me a while to get smarter, but I was still quite a foe when your grandfather fought me…  Speaking of which, I don’t think I heard your name…  The family is Konpaku though, right?  A pleasure to meet you, regardless."  Actually, he lived in the tengu village, so with all those papers, Youmu Konpaku was pretty much identifiable on sight.  He was just giving her the formality to introduce herself.

"Oh? So you’re a daitengu, Mr. Yamanushi…." That meant he was someone fairly prestigious, and probably very strong as a tengu as well. What he now noted about being the oni-tengu furthered this thought. For him to have fought her grandfather, yet still have lost, also went to prove that Youki was extremely powerful as well. She’d never doubted her grandfather in strength.

The half phantom nodded in answer. If he was a tengu, didn’t that mean he ran some sort of newspaper or was a reporter? Then Youmu would assume he might have heard of her after so much time, and even that Kenmei was somewhat acquainted with her grandfather. “As a tengu, do you also do reporting, by the way?” She wasn’t sure if daitengu served a different purpose than regular tengu.

"Hey there Youmu-myon. What have you been up to?"

"Oh, Aya!" The tengu hadn’t visited in a while, and when Aya wasn’t being all reporter-like, she was a pretty nice person overall.


"I’m doing well, and business always goes as usual." There are no fun parties or random disasters here. Only the same routine every day. This, however, is not necessarily a bad thing. As they say, no news is good news. "How about you? Is your reporting going well?"

(( I know I’ve been getting inactive on this blog. I will try to do a little more replies, aha…

But! I am here to announce that it is the one-year anniversary of this blog, halfspiritgardener! Since its creation, I had never imagined it would ever go this far. Statistically speaking, I have changed themes approximately three times not counting the start; have 4,159 posts, 704 followers, and 3 drafts of the moment. I’ve made a lot of friends and just…well, this blog is so much of a success compared to my previous! Thank you all, and I hope we continue to roleplay and interact with each other in the future. Youmu is unlikely to be disappearing anytime soon. ))