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spring coloured garden

partial hiatus;

Hm? Is there a visitor? You must be here to see the cherry blossoms, then. They really are beautiful. I take care of the garden as best I can so it looks nice like this. There are lots of other flowers here, if you're curious.

If you're an intruder, of course, wishing harm to my mistress Yuyuko Saigyouji, I can easily cut you down.

Who am I? Youmu Konpaku. It's a pleasure to meet you.

((Independent roleplay and ask blog for Youmu Konpaku of Touhou. I'll roleplay with any fandom and any OCs.

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In a relationship with Momiji Inubashiri [divinewhitewolfyoukai] and Koumajou Densetsu!Sakuya Izayoi [endlessservant]; both AUs.

HALT, tall one! I hath not seen thou in a while hermit.

"Oh, Futo…? Yeah, I guess I haven’t been by Myouren Temple much lately. Not much is happening, which is fine."




"What brings you here? I’m kind of busy."

"Uh…I thought I’d visit, but if you’re busy I think I’ll just go back home. Still…what could you be so busy for?"

Improvement Meme


I figured a small ‘improvement meme’ would be a fine idea for RPers looking to brush up their skills and topple weaknesses, so here it is. Feel free to use the symbols or go for a more in depth response. Yes, you can send any of these to me too. 

☢: You need to work on character responses, they tend to be bland. 

✄: Your RP responses are really short/ could have more effort put in!

Σ: You’re messing up your punctuation here and there. 

▼: Try to improve your spelling/Grammar

☯: Try to open up to more RPers, you’re great, but you’re missing out on a lot of potentially amazing RPs!

▲: Try to be more positive on yourself, there’s no reason to hate on yourself so much. 

☠: You need to be more respectful. 

✈: You need to improve your action sequences or reactions of characters. 

❤: You’re doing amazing, we can always improve but every RP I read of yours is a joy.

✉: Message more RPers and get some more activity going please. 

Ⓐ: Fight scenes could use more work. 

❥: Romantic Scenes can be awkward, do your best to improve on this, and look out for common pitfalls!

☁: You might want to take another look at your character/characters and work on them a bit more. Every great character has a flaw or two. 

✪: Joker *Whatever you feel needs to be addressed* 


"I guess. I would have thought that miss Yuyuko would have known and eaten or at least tried any sort of dish by now. Where it be European, or Japanese, or any sort of dish."The maid really did think that."Heck, I even thought that you were a much more skilled cook than I am. Being as miss Yuyuko loves to eat, which would realistically mean that you would know a lot of ways to cook, along with knowledge of each possible recipe that is out there. But I guess my assumption was proven wrong."The maid was a little surprised by this fact, to think that what she thought all this time was wrong, especially after how much the maid enjoyed the half phantom’s Japanese style food."After what I ate while being here, and you tell me you need teaching in other foods? With the way you cook, you could do it without my teaching methods. But if you really want to learn, I won’t mind lending a hand in order to help teach you how to cook these foods. Though, you have to promise me one thing out of this. That you’ll do the same to me, once this is over and done with, as we agreed on earlier, I don’t care how you do it to what I do, but I want you to go all out when I’m trying to learn how to cook the wonderful food/recipes that you make day in and day out." The maid wanted to be tested just as much as she was going to test her. The maid wouldn’t want it any other way.

"Might have been a joke, but when it comes to my work, or in this case, me being the teacher in this situation, I have no time for jokes. Think of me of one of those strict teachers who just wants the work done more than anything, and has no time for remarks, or chit chat. The only thing that matters, is getting the job done, and in this case for cooking. Done right."Sakuya wasn’t the sort to be joking when it came to cooking her meals, or even teaching another to do so. It’s the approach she took most things when it came to work, or times like this when it comes to teacher another something that may be used in a working situation later on. It’s something she has stuck too, and wouldn’t change it for anything at all."I might sound a little harsh, and too strict, but don’t worry, I did the exact same thing when I was teaching some of the fairy maids back the mansion when I was working there at the time. Being as I had other things to do, though, I could do them in no time at all. But it’s nice to have a skilled hand their to aid out whenever possible. Even Meiling does some nice cooking when she feels the need to join me in the kitchen. Koakuma has even learnt a bit from me."Sakuya has had teaching experience before when it comes to cooking, so she’ll treat this time no different from the rest.

"I cook all sorts for Remilia, European wise of course."The maid could easily remember each meal that she had cooked Remilia in the past. She could list them off, one by one, without forgetting a single one."All the meats, chicken, ham, gammon, turkey, lamb, beef, pork, fish. With the regular things that come with it, vegetables with mainly included things such as Brussels sprouts, carrots, peas. With of course, potatoes, mash,stuffing, yorkshire puddings".Sakuya could cook such meal in no time at all really, it was so simple to her, with the years of experience that she has done these sort of meals, it’s easy for her to remember and do."Though, we can always add new things to the menu if we wanted to. We don’t always have to stick to it, we could even add a little salad if we wanted to do so, it’s nice and healthy. "Sakuya had known stuff like this, from trying out different things with the mansion residents."We don’t have to do just the meats, we can always do it differently, like fish fingers, chicken nuggets, different versions of pies. A lot more I could name of the top of my head, but we would be here all day just trying to deiced which would be best. Though, it’s good to have many different options to choose from. It’s better than nothing right?"The maid of course would cook anything from the ones she had listed that the half phantom picked. She just loved to cook sometimes, especially for her mistress.

The gardener sighed upon hearing the disappointment in Sakuya’s voice. Really, though she was sure Yuyuko had tried many dishes and wanted Youmu to cook them, the half ghost kept up a decent amount of variety without deviating from the typical Japanese formula much, and the ghost princess didn’t often press for Youmu to add in new dishes. Sometimes Yukari might find a book from Yukari or the like and suggest the half phantom try it out, but Youmu didn’t go out of her way often to learn new dishes - which was why she was very eager to learn an entire new palate from Sakuya, though. “Well…You definitely have more practice than me, and I’m really not that good. I just hope I can make do with the little I can do. Sorry for letting you down like that,” she murmured, still slightly despondent on the subject. From now on, she’d learn as much as she could from Sakuya so that she really could become the skilled and experience cook the maid thought she was. No matter what it took, getting the approval of both Sakuya and Yuyuko was a must.

She nodded her head affirmatively at the maid’s request, perfectly rational and only expected. After all, they had discussed it earlier, and it was a good tradeoff - Youmu learning how to cook European dishes from Sakuya, Sakuya learning how to cook Oriental dishes from Youmu. “Of course I’ll teach you how I cook in return. I’m sure you can learn just by seeing me work and catch on, but I can definitely give you pointers.” She had a little more confidence in her skills now that not only Yuyuko but others had confirmed them as being fairly good; before, she had received praised humbly and denying, but now it really did just make her glow and feel more positive about herself - enough to not refute Sakuya’s claim and try accepting it for what it was. (Though it might be because it was just pointless to argue with the maid.)

"And I’ll be sure to listen to what you say and get the work done as best as I can. I don’t mind strictness if that’s what gets things done, either. And since you even taught Meiling and Koakuma some kitchen skills, I’m sure you’re a good and reliable teacher too. I can’t say I’d be that strict,either but…I won’t be that easy!" Here she pumped her fists together a bit energetically, liking the idea and prospect of learning ever more. "Like I said, I’m not as fast or as great as you might be, but with more practice and under your aid and pointers, I’m sure I’ll be all right. This will help both us and satisfy Yuyuko-sama’s tastes even more, so I’ll definitely try hard and pay attention."

She did so now as Sakuya listed the foods that they ate in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Youmu trying to make a mental list of what she should expect in her cooking lessons from Sakuya. They definitely had more of a variety of meat, the Japanese sticking to the staple chicken-pork-beef-fish and not straying much from several different ways to cook them. So instead of rice, they had potatoes as their starch and made their potatoes in as many ways as rice; carrots and beans for their vegetables. She didn’t use them too often, but she could prepare carrots sliced but mostly in soup, beans sauteed or in black sauce. Brussels sprouts she wasn’t all too familiar with, though; she may have used them once or twice, but the taste wasn’t so great. ‘Yorkshire pudding’, however, was definitely something she hadn’t heard of yet. It must be some sort of dessert, and dessert wasn’t a category she was well versed on (Ran could bake a cake or pies, but Youmu wasn’t so sure about her own abilities). “Hm…I know some of them, but not the pudding. And we don’t eat salad much, usually just put vegetables in sauce or stir-fry with meat…I think you know way more about different ways to use meat than I do, and you know more recipes than me too. There’s a lot for me to learn, huh…”


The maid just nodded. She of course loved her food, if she wasn’t a full time maid, she could have been a chef, or something within food as a job. She loved tasting, cooking, everything that there is to do with food. It’s why she really loves Youmu’s cooking. It’s something new and fresh that the maid has never tried before. As it is better to try something first, before asking questions later about the whole thing. Mainly when it came to food as well, of course she wouldn’t do that any random strangers cooking, but to someone like Youmu. She’d be willing to try any type of food that the half phantom could make.”Ah. That’d be lovely Youmu.”The maid agreed to it completely, without a second thought. The chance to be able to remake something as such, would be a dream for the maid. Just trying the food is really something indeed, but to be able to make it as well, that would really make the maid extra happy. She could even show them to Flandre, or Patchouli, or anyone else she sees at the mansion when she goes their for visits, to show how much she has already learned.

"Hm? Teach you about European dishes?"The maid of course wouldn’t mind returning the favor, but really, the maid thought that the half phantom already knew about this sort of thing. Being that Yuyuko could eat almost any dish, unlike Remilia could. The maid assumed that Youmu would know how to cook pretty much anything that she could put her mind too."I can do my best to teach you, but, how can I teach something that is already there? Doesn’t mistress eat a lot of dishes? Any sort of dish too? Wouldn’t you already know how to cook these sorts of dishes if this was the case Youmu?"The maid asked, she was unsure if that was the case, if it was, she wouldn’t mind teaching the half phantom about European style foods. 

The maid kept her calm throughout the last bit, even if she didn’t like the ‘sensei’ part of the half phantom’s choice of words. Not that she hated the word, it was just, the maid ever since or even when she was still at the mansion. She considered most to be her equal, sure not the other humans of the village,no, no, but the more important people and youkai and other creatures of course. Plus, when it’s someone like Youmu saying it, she disliked it even more.”Please don’t call me that Youmu. I’m just like you, you’re not on the level of a mere human, I do not deserve to be called sensei by you, you are just as good as I am, no need for the sensei business.”The maid thought she’d best get that out now before going on with it, before it got under her skin further.

Here the half ghost seemed slightly embarrassed, shaking her head in answer to all of Sakuya’s pressing questions. A finger scratched the bottom of her cheek awkwardly. “Um, you’re thinking a little too highly of me. Yes, Yuyuko-sama enjoys eating whatever I cook, and I like having a variety, so I know a variety of dishes, but we’re mostly on the…Japanese side. So I cook those kinds of dishes and soups. I haven’t eaten that much European foods, so I don’t know how to cook them much either.” There was always book learning that she could do, something plausible if she had more time on her hands and more convenience. Maybe now that she was going to visit Koakuma every so often, she could teach herself some new dishes so Sakuya only needed to give Youmu pointers. New tastes and spices would probably go well with her ghostly mistress, after all.

Upon being called ‘sensei’, Sakuya seemed offended or disappointed somehow. Even though Youmu had meant it half-jokingly, she could see Sakuya didn’t like it that way - resolved to not try that again, then. “I only said it as a small joke, but if that’s what you want, I guess so. Still, I really do think you’re that great. After all, you’re going to be my teacher. But since we’re going to be each other’s instructors, I guess that puts us on equal footing,” she responded, realizing she was speaking a little too much at that end. Youmu, however, was never the type to cut corners on using the right honorifics. That sort of personality definitely came up from growing up around those so much older and wiser than she.

"Well, anyway…about European foods, what do you usually cook for Remilia-sama?" The gardener couldn’t actually imagine what their food would be like. There was probably less vegetables and more meat and different spices…but she couldn’t remember eating there much, or Sakuya’s cooking in general. Not getting out for personal reasons or to visit others often led her to having a somewhat limited cultural palate when it came to food. "When I cook for Yuyuko-sama, there’s always rice and some kind of soup with vegetables and meat, but I’m not sure what you usually eat."

"Good day, Ms Konpaku." Bird in the nether realm is a nervous bird. "Why do you keep a flower attached to your sword scabbard there?"


"Roukanken’s flower…?" To be honest, she’s not sure herself. "Well…both my swords were given to me by my grandfather. I never really asked him why, so I don’t exactly know."

"If I sleep by myself, I’ll have a scary dream.”


Mio saw nothing in terms of cooking for her to do, so almost as if on instinct alone she grabbed a broom and began sweeping the small bits of dirt from the floor of the small kitchen. She did it unconsciously. Even in death she needed some sort of validation. That could prove problematic later if it escalated.

"It is, it’s not as easy as some television shows, or movies, or manga, or whathaveyou make it out to be. You don’t just look at a lamp and immediately envision an entire four minute song. Yes you can look at an animal or a baby and find the basis for a song, but it still takes a lot of planning and revision to make lyrics sound good when finally put against the instruments. It can take an exorbitant amount of time in certain instances." The worst it hit Mio was going two week without being able to write something. "Me? Well I mostly play pop and rock songs, with the occasional love song mixed in here an there."



Upon hearing the familiar sweeping sound even over the sudden sizzle the pan made upon contact with the meat, the half ghost turned to smile gratefully at Mio before turning back to the stove. “Thank you for helping with the sweeping. Just make sure you don’t get too close to me, so no dust from the floor gets into the food,” she advised, gaze and body still turned to the cooking, but sure Mio would understand that Youmu had to keep her eyes on the flame.

Making sure the meat was cooking even, she listened to Mio’s words, nodding in understanding. “I understand that; I think it’s a little like cooking or gardening. People think it’s merely putting things together and a couple simple steps, but it’s more complex thank it might seem. Like how you have to cook evenly and season right, or how you need to prune and water a plant at the right times, isn’t it?” Not that Youmu knew how to play an instrument, or much about genres in general.

"Oh, and I’m not really that picky when it comes to music, and I don’t really know much…so anything you play is fine with me. I’m sure it’ll sound good." A clicking sound could be heard as she lowered the heat to a minimum, reporting on her current cooking status. "Just give me a few more minutes and the meat will be done, by the way."